Durokleen is a modern disinfectant that works in a completely different way from traditional chemicals like bleach, alcohol, formaldehyde and ammonia. In the first place, the disinfectant action of those traditional treatments is short-lived; from just minutes to (at most) 3 days. By contrast, environmentally friendly Durokleen creates a powerful Biostatic Barrier that provides long-term protection against harmful bacteria, fungi and algae that can last up to 100 days. This factor becomes especially significant when you take into account the time, human energy and cost of frequently repeating treatments using traditional chemicals.

750mL Durokleen Spray Bottle
"It really works!"

DUROKLEEN KILLS MOULD AND BACTERIA, DESTROYS ODOUR — “My partner and I operate a dog grooming salon. We found that Durokleen completely eliminates the smell and mould around our animal crates and dog bath. Encouraged by this result, we now even use a solution of Durokleen to fix what we thought had been our incurably smelly old dog. It’s truly amazing stuff and we will certainly keep on using it.”

— G. Attard, Noosaville

DUROKLEEN IS EFFECTIVE, LONG-TERM MOULD PROTECTION — “We live in a high rainfall area and musty mould, especially around the bathroom and inside cupboards, has always been a problem. A single spray of Durokleen two months ago has killed off all that recurring, unsightly, sooty stuff around pipes, joins, crevices and walls, and it hasn't been back since. Durokleen really does do what it says it will.”

— J. Joyce, Mapleton

DUROKLEEN INSTANTLY KILLS UNPLEASANT ODOUR — “My new car developed an awful smell after one of the fabric seats got wet. Bleach was out of the question and nothing else seemed to work. Finally we tried Durokleen and solved the problem in less than a minute. It's absolutely amazing stuff, I'd recommend it to anyone.”

— M. Montell, Business Consultant

DUROKLEEN PROTECTS YOUR BOAT FROM MOULD AND BACTERIA — “We had our sailing boat laid up recently for almost three months, having cleaned and treated it with Durokleen before we left for overseas. We still half-expected to return and find it infested with mould and the usual foul smells, and were blown away to find it fresh and mould free; virtually the same as we'd left it. Durokleen is amazing.”

— P.Martin, Newport

DUROKLEEN IS GREAT FOR LEATHER AND HORSES TOO — “We've been using Durokleen not only for keeping our tack and saddlery mould-free, but also for protecting the health of our valuable horses by spraying our stables, troughs and floats against all kinds bacterial and respiratory infections. Durokleen's long-lasting protection is saving us time, money and effort, and our animals are noticeably healthier too.”

— R. West, Dulong


“Try Durokleen for yourself!”


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